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Lost and Found Video Night: Volume 1 showing this Friday for FREE

This is our last movie of the semester. And holy shit. What a note we're going to end on. The first time i saw this DVD i spent about an hour and a half doing that gaping mouth silent laugh thing. Weird.

To be quite honest, if i were a responsible adult, i would probably only let people 18 and older into this due to all the bizarre nudity and other super inappropriate things... Just don't tell your parents.

Shocking, hilarious, madcap clips from around the world! Clips include, but are definitely not limited to:

1. Crispin Glover's "Clowny Clown" art video
2. That Teen Show clip
3. Steve Via's Birthday Surprise
4. Amusement Park found video sing along "Don't Worry, Be Happy"
5. Don, the Indian Ganster sings and dances.
6. The Osmond Brothers doing "Crazy Horse"
7. Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling rap.
8. Awesome Mike Awesome falls flat on his face.
9. Lawrence Welk overdubbed with Velvet Underground's "Sister Ray"
10. Mr. T's "Be Somebody or Be Somebody's Fool"
11. Elvis Presley drunk or maybe on drugs, LIVE!
12. Crispin Glover's Olivia Newton John performance from the "Orkley Kid"
13. The mentally Challenged dance to Death Metal
14. The playground penis and vagina song. What to call your privates in case you're confused as sung by a man on a slide w/ a guitar.
15. Anatomy, explained. " A little hole for making poo poo" explains it all to your kids
16. Japanese game show contestant catapulted off cliff
17. Gimme Gimme Octopus
18. Mel Gibson in Japanese Commercial
19. Turkish Star Trek
20. Amazing! Spectacular! Stop Action animation from Germany
21. Extreme large breasted ladies weigh in on Japanese game show
22. The band KISS in Japanese commercial
23. Madonna in Japanese commercial
24. The Spiders (Japanese surf rock band)
25. Don, the Indian Gangster, makes a deal in a field and blows up the guys!
26. The Beast (yikes!)
27. Japanese Noise band: S.O.B - Kaidan
28. Turkish Star Wars
30. Crispin Glover's infamous appearance on David Letterman
31. Six Million Dollar Man XXX stop action figure porn
32. GG. Allin on the Jane Whitney Show
33. Traci Lords Work Out tape, more erotic & rap than work out
34. Pool tarp removal gone terribly wrong
35. Computer Animated Gay Porn on the beach XXX
36. Masturbating Walrus
37. Mr No Legs: Karate Killing Stump action
39. Penis pump infomercial containing full demonstration and background music

and more!

Certain to please even the most jaded crowd!

Lost and Found Video Night: Volume 1 will be showing at 10pm in the West Bank Auditorium in the basement of Willey Hall on the U of MN campus. Here's a map:
Email TheresaKay@gmail.com if you need more details.

This movie is FREE and everyone is welcome.

CLICK for a sample
CLICK this one, too!
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yess!! i can't wait.
Holy crap, me too