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Man Bites Dog and Impulse staring William Shatner showing this Friday for FREE!

Man Bites Dog is a dark comedic mocumentary follows serial killer Benoit as he practices his craft.

"Benoit is a charming and charismatic young man who maintains a healthy relationship with his parents, plays the piano and discusses at length whatever comes to mind, be it architecture, philosophy, or classical music (such as the chamber group his lady friend plays the flute in). He is also a serial killer who goes on murderous rampages for his own enjoyment. A film crew made up of three men join Benoit on his sadistic adventures, recording the sickening actions as a fly on the wall documentary. Benoit takes them to meet his family and friends, while explaining at length the "craft" of his work. Eventually, the filmmakers begin to assist Benoit in his murders by helping him to dispose of the bodies. At one point, Benoit and the documentarians run across another group of filmmakers making a documentary about another serial killer."

This film is amazing. You'll love it. I promise.

CLICK for a Man Bites Dog trailer

Man Bites Dog will be showing at 8pm in the West Bank Auditorium in the basement of Willey Hall on the U of MN campus.
Here's a map:
Email TheresaKay@gmail.com if you need more details.

Impulse staring William Shatner will be following at 10pm

Holy. Shit.

William Shatner stars in this hilarious, post Star Trek, psychological thriller about a playboy who has one big problem, he can't help killing all the women he falls in love with. You see, when he was a little boy he caught his mommy having sex with a crazed Vietnam vet. This bothered little Shatner, causing him to stab the bad man to death with a sword but now little Shatner is all grown up complete with Dolomite wardrobe and smooth moves and he is ready to take out his psychological trauma on every skirt he sees. Directed by Floridian exploitation great William Grefe, this amazing decent into career suicide is a must see for fans of William Shatner. Co-starring Harold Sakata, better known as Odd Job from the James Bond film Goldfinger.

CLICK for an Impulse clip

Impulse will be showing at 10pm also in the West Bank Auditorium in the basement of Willey Hall on the U of MN campus.

Both movies are FREE and everyone is welcome, whether or not you are a student.

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