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Robinson Crusoe on Mars showing this Friday for FREE

This is our last movie night of the semester! Our first movie is an amazing 1960's pulp sci-fi adventure! With a monkey!

Commander Kit Draper and Colonel Dan McReady (Adam West) are orbiting Mars in an exploritory surveyor. A malfunction forces them to eject with only Draper and a monkey named Mona surviving. Draper must learn to survive (on space sausages) in this hostile environment fighting thirst, hunger and even hostile aliens if he expects to see home again.


Robinson Crusoe on Mars will be showing at 8pm in the West Bank Auditorium in the basement of Willey Hall on the U of MN campus. Here's a map:
Email TheresaKay@gmail.com if you need more details.

This movie is FREE and everyone is welcome.

Lost and Found Video Night will be showing at 10pm.

CLICK for a Robinson Crusoe on Mars trailer
CLICK this one, too!
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